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Diversity, Inclusivity, and Equity Mission

The Rose Lab is deeply committed to promoting a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment within the lab, as well as through lab member interactions outside the lab. We oppose racism and hate. We do so through acceptance, ally ship, learning and listening. We seek to recruit diverse people with diverse perspectives. The diversity that each person brings to our science strengthens our discussions and research. Diverse thinking is expected, valued, and appreciated as a benefit to our efforts. To achieve our goals of a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment within the lab and lab member interactions, we have implemented several policies to advance our advocacy efforts. These include:

  • Ensuring a diverse, equitable, and inclusive presence and culture in the lab.

  • Members of the lab are asked to assess their own implicit biases by taking implicit bias tests. This helps educate lab members of their own "blind spots" and biases, which is followed by a discussion in a lab meeting about how such biases can creep into and impact interactions in and out of the lab.

  • The lab promotes their efforts in advocacy in presentations from the lab and through partnership with other labs that also seek advocacy efforts. For example, the following will appear on every lab presentation:








Outreach activities include yearly presentations on Memory, Aging, and the Brain to the Robinson Community Learning Center's Lunch & Learn attendees, the Forever Learning Institute, and local high schools to promote STEM education to budding scientists from groups that are underrepresented in academia.  

Welcoming new, innovative ideas to further advance our advocacy efforts to promote a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive lab, department, University, and in our field of academia. If you have any ideas, please let us know!



Nate Rose and the RoseLab

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